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    Travel to Greece: secure with these 8 tips

    1. TAKE CASH

    Everywhere in the world you will always have a daily limit to withdraw from ATMs and in Greece there could be more problems. We advise you to bring enough money with you from Italy , so as to avoid inconvenience and long queues on the Greek island that you visit. If you are afraid of bringing too much money with you during your holiday, you can always leave it in the safe in your hotel room.

    If you have an Italian credit or debit card, you should have no problem paying with that, but a little cash is always good to have it with you.

    * Greek banks will be closed until July 7 for the implementation of capital control measures imposed by the government.


    Expect queues a little longer than usual at ATMs , but after all you’re on vacation, do not rush! Remember that you are there on holiday and that for you it is a temporary discomfort, but that for the locals is something to deal with every day. Take an example from the Greeks and … take it philosophically.


    It is quite possible that in these days there are large demonstrations in the center of Athens , and it is more likely that these will be concentrated around the Greek Parliament area and the famous Syntagma Square. If you can avoid, not to find yourself in the fray.


    Forget the big international chains, eat local ! This is the best way to get in touch with the best of Greek cuisine and to support the inhabitants of the island.


    Spend, but helping Greek companies and local small businesses. Such as? Hire a guide,take a walking tour of the city, or an excursion organized by a local company .

    Little tip: Even though most monuments and museums function normally, it can not be ruled out that at some point of the day they can close or strike. Make sure this is not the case, before moving from one place to another in the city and also planning tours around neighborhoods.


    All public transport in Athens will be free until July 7 : buses, trains, subway and trams. You will return to pay for tickets from 7 July, when Greek banks will reopen.


    Support local crafts, producers and creative people , not only will you have done something good for Greece, but you can take home a unique memory of your holiday.


    This is a good rule to be observed every time you are on vacation, or visiting a foreign country, especially if you are a little distressed. Pickpockets and unfortunates could be there, you have to be careful. Do not show off, travel light and enjoy a wonderful country!

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    Emigrate to CANADA: how to find a job and live abroad


    For those aged between 18 and 35 years, the International Canada Experience for Italian citizens is available , allowing you to travel and work in Canada for a maximum period of six months . The ideal time to take advantage of to create the basis for something longer and lasting.

    Calls for scholarships in Canada are periodically published . The page is updated frequently, so we advise you to consult it and take a look at it from time to time.

    Attention : from 15 March 2016 to travel to Canada as tourists for a period not exceeding 6 months it is mandatory to obtain the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). You request online at this page , it costs 7 Canadian dollars and has a duration of 5 years, or until the expiry of your passport if this takes place before 5 years from the issuance of the ETA.

    If you want to go to Canada for reasons other than simple tourism … read on and find out all the information you need!

    Click on the picture and find out what documents are needed to move to America and find work in the USA


    A visa is required to move and work in Canada. Here are the two ways you can request one and get it in a reasonable time:

    1) already have a work contract or a job promise issued by the local company;

    2) do not have a work contract, but be qualified and have specific requirements.

    If you have a work contract : a work permit is issued that is valid only for a specific job and for a limited period of time. Some professions do not need a work permit. In this regard, a list of the professions that do not require a work permit is available . If the work to be carried out is not on the list, it will be necessary to apply for a work permit .

    You will also need to have written confirmation from HRSDC , which will attest that the employer can hire the foreign worker. The document is known as the labor market opinion or LMO and it is up to the employer to request and obtain this written confirmation.

    If you do not have a job : you need to be a skilled worker, that is to have a certain education, an appropriate work experience and, of course, the knowledge of English (preferably also French). The Canadian Government has a list of workers it needs, known as the list of NOCs , periodically updated.

    If you have the minimum requirements, you will need to apply for a temporary job visa in Canada where, on the basis of 6 selection factors , you will need to obtain a minimum score of 67 points. These selection factors are: age, education, language skills, work experience, adaptability and the availability offered for different types of jobs once they arrive in Canada.

    The costs to be able to apply are approximately € 335 .

    If you do not want to do everything online, you can submit your application to the Visa Office of the Embassy of Canada , via Zara n. 30, 00198 Rome. The Embassy does not accept payments by credit card, but only in cash and with the exact sum paid in person.

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    5 Low-cost holidays in luxury places

    CALIFORNIA: in camper vans for the National Parks

    Are you ready for an on the road trip to conquer the National Parks of the West ? If you are adventurous and it does not bother you to grind kilometers the perfect place is California . Here you will enjoy great spaces, country atmosphere and unique landscapes in the world … In order not to lighten up your wallet, we recommend 3 moves to do. First of all, buy the ticket on time (6 weeks before, according to a study by Arlines Reporting Corporation ): from November to March, excluding holidays, you will pull off a good price. If you are traveling as a family or group, rent a camper to reduce fuel and accommodation costs, stock up on food and get the National Parks Passat the price of 80 $. With the card, savings are guaranteed!

    COSTA RICA: between cheap hostels and tree houses

    A biodiversity paradise, Costa Rica is a true tropical Eden, beautiful to hurt and within everyone’s reach. First of all, when to go? Try from May to November, with the rainy season the prices are lowered but the security remains: the country is rarely affected by the passage of the hurricanes that usually transit north of the Caribbean. Fly on Tamarindo and opt for a hostel stay , “cheap but young” : there are accommodations that offer beds at $ 10 a night , like the delicious Pura Vida to be booked early because it is often full. Or give yourself ecotourism and rent a tree house for a unique experience face to face with the wild nature. Ready to have breakfast in the company of monkeys and raccoons?

    MALDIVES: call for 5 stars, all in the guest house!

    Unbridled luxury by the sea? Maldives ! This archipelago of the Indian Ocean is the destination of the dreams of all the travelers of the world. That destination to be experienced once in a lifetime, to dive into emerald waters, stroll on tongues of white sand and let yourself be pampered by the sun’s rays. They are prohibitive for accommodation and travel, but possible if lived away from palafitte from nababbi and extra-luxury spa. Since 2012, local authorities have given the green light to the premises to open family-run guest houses : take advantage of them! One of these is Kuri Inn in Omadhoo , in the South AriAtoll . Arrive on a flight to Male, board a ferry boat (around € 3) and book the b & b formula(from $ 75 in double). Here is the dream becomes reality …

    CUBA: do-it-yourself tourism and case particulares

    Although it is still far from the standards of the Caribbean , Cuba offers a high tourism. It is fantastic, with the capital rich in history, the coast with the heavenly colors, the hinterland with the tobacco plantations … but certainly not cheap. Once you have booked your flight (stay away from high periods like Christmas and Easter ), opt for your stay in the particulares houses , those of the premises, which will allow you to spend much less than the 5-star villages of Varadero. The price is around $ 25 per person per day excluding meals, which must be agreed with the landlord. Only caution: be wary of “illegal” houses, cheaper but less secure because they are not regulated by the state. How to recognize the right ones? From a blue and white dot on the front door. Here the offers for hotels in Cuba

    CANADA: from April to October, nice season and low cost flights

    This is one of the most scenic and safe countries in the world , which in recent years has been taken by both hit and run tourists and those who intend to change their homes. The reason? The high level of life . The Canada -scale the world rankings for livability yet those spending is very expensive! If you intend to visit it, we advise you to leave when the temperatures return to normal and the inhabitants begin to live on the Earth’s surface (do you remember Toronto and its brilliant underground city?). From April to October you can take advantage of the incredible prices of the airline company Air Transat , which offers direct flights toMontreal, Toronto and Vancouver starting from € 400 round trip!